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Career Asset Portfolio

There is a new kind of CV for a new kind of person; they are older more experienced and can offer incredible value for money to all sizes of companies. They deliver 'Grey Matter'.

Ageism is rife; there is no denying it but going freelance provides a serious alternative. If you decide to become a freelancer your need for a good CV is even more important, especially if interviewers are not willing to employ anyone who they consider to be five minutes beyond their 'sell by date'.  This is the time to start marketing yourself and talking up your assets.

A Career Asset Portfolio (CAP) shows a potential procurer/purchaser that you are qualified and well-equipped to do the job you are offering to do. Get it right; present it as a viable alternative to a potential employer and you could raise your prospects of paid employment tenfold. In fact, you could end up working for three or four different companies and enjoying a rich and varied work life which can be moulded into a satisfying lifestyle.

The CAP service provides:

  • Up to three telephone interviews with a senior Absolute CV consultant
  • Psychometric profiling
Advice on:
  • Content
  • Portfolio presentation
  • Target marketing
  • Varying copy headers
  • Portfolio production on quality medium
  • Effective follow-up

The cost of your portfolio is £250 but this doesn’t reflect the amount of personal help that Absolute CV will provide to make sure that you are doing the right things to get you earning again in an exciting and liberating way.

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