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The wrong way and the right way

The first two sections come from a CV which is not the worst we have ever seen but there is no doubt the candidate wouldn’t get past the first hurdle. Does an employer really care that he has such a rich and varied playtime? No of course not they want to know if you are suitable to work for them!

It is glaringly obvious what is the most important thing in this candidates life and it not their career! Although he does seem to like Golf! This is a genuine example; we couldn’t make it up!


This was under work experience ;

Signs for Business

Job Title: Technical Assistant

Dates: Summer 2006, 2008


Working in a job with no prior experience was challenging. The job involved working long hours either manufacturing or installing signage nationwide. Unsocial hours were common where I worked in a team to execute the job.


This was under Interests ;

Outside of work I have a number of different interests, one of which is Huddersfield Town. I have been a season ticket holder since the age of seven and am still as keen as ever to support the club both at home and away. Over the years it has been a rollercoaster with some periods of success and other periods of underachievement which are particularly difficult to take, I cannot stand losing.

Driving and motorsport is another serious passion of mine and an industry I follow very closely by subscribing to magazines and reading websites. I hold a clean full UK driving license and this was a skill I picked up very quickly, passing after just 18 hours of lessons when the average for a male my age is 45 hours.

I attempt to remain as active as possible, as a member of the gym and regular golfer. I am a strong believer that an active and healthy lifestyle provides better results in the workplace. I am still quite new to the game but it has already become clear it requires a lot of patience and determination.

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel to a number of fascinating places throughout the world, particularly in the USA. I have been blown away by natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. I love meeting new people from a range of different cultures as it broadens my horizons on the world. Having visiting such phenomenal places I have become very keen on photography. I have recently bought a digital SLR camera as previously I had used traditional film. I am enjoying incorporating my artistic eye with the skills I have developed in my degree particularly with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Premier to alter photographs to accentuate or alter certain areas in the picture.

Below is a small section from an absolute CV. This candidate thought she had a weak CV until we started to ask the revealing questions that showed her in such a positive light


Significant Achievements and Relative Experience:

Depth of Experience

I have a proven and consistent record of career advancement and diversity of personal development which have resulted in obtaining a wide range of skills, competencies and qualities. These include; determination, tenacity, a strong work ethic and empathy for others. These are combined with the learned skills of financial, performance and people management. Some inherent qualities are :


I succeeded in becoming an accomplished Analyst and successful Project Management provider.


I am established as a strong communicator and influencer and have delivered detailed Training and Development Programmes to stake holders at many different levels.


I am a recognised specialist in all areas of Financial Services, up to and including, the production of annual reports.

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