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Thank you. You turned a nightmare into a dream. Every interview I attended I was complimented on your, sorry my, CV. In the end I had two offers from different companies. I think I’ve taken the right one. Listen to me being picky after months of not even getting through the door!

Gordon Freemantle, London, England

I couldn’t make my mind up whether or not to go with you and pay for something that I thought I should be totally capable of doing for myself. If I’d have done it when I was first recommended to you I could have saved myself eight months of agony.

John Williams, Warwickshire, England

When I read my Absolute CV my confidence went through the roof. At my first interview they told me they were very impressed by my CV. At the second they offered me a job.

Neil Weston, Johannesburg SA, USA

I have been trying to get interviews for six months; nothing. When I sent out the CV you had prepared for me I had to turn down some set dates because I couldn’t fit them in! I’m serious.

Nigel Swift, London, UK

When I read my CV my first thought was ‘who wouldn’t give me an interview based on this’? Thank you it was brilliant. I could never have done it so well.

Chelsea Baker, Gloucestershire, England

I got three out of six interviews in my first targeted mail-out.

Oliver Owen, Cambridgeshire, England


In the Public Sector people tend not to write a CV because everyone has to fill in the same form and everyone gets an interview, regardless. I didn’t have a clue where to start! When I got back the finished article I was so proud of it, all I wanted to do was show my friends and family. Of course they were impressed but even more so when I was offered the first job I was interviewed for. Thank you so much, if it wasn’t for that CV I think I would still be waiting for my first interview.

Katherine Moore, Cardiff, Wales